Mildale, CT – Aside from being historically significant to this country, and being in the middle of a crazy craft beer boom – Connecticut is a pretty interesting place biologically.  

According to the Connecticut Fund For The Environment, through their “Save The Sound” initiative: 

“As an estuary, Long Island Sound is one of the most productive and valuable ecosystems on earth. Freshwater from long rivers and little coastal streams mixes with salty ocean water, creating ideal habitats for countless species to breed, feed, and live. The annual economic value of Long Island Sound and the lands that drain to it has been calculated at $17 to $37 billion, and its importance to marine life on the eastern seaboard is invaluable.”

But the impact our dense shoreline population – and our imposing modern ways – has on this “mecca” has proven to be detrimental, and though the “Save The Sound” program has shed a lot of light on this situation – as well as helped to neutralize, if not reverse our impact – there’s always more we can be doing.

Now, more than ever, the Western world has been woke – and we realize that our presence, the amount of waste we produce, and some of our practices only benefit us – while destroying the ecosystem of the world around us.

This is why we chose to throw our “Bottom Feeder Brewfest,” and donate its proceeds to this great cause – which, if successful, benefits us all, directly.

So, on Saturday, August 10th, come spend an afternoon eating the best bottom feeders, and drinking all the good lagers that the breweries in this state, and some from surrounding states, have to offer. We’re going to have some acoustic music, as well as a stellar set of “bluegrease,” and some local vendors for your to spend some time shooting the breeze and sharing some sud sodas with. 

Additionally, the “Connecticut Fund For The Environment: Save The Sound” will be on hand to discuss further ways we can help reverse the damage our modern lives has caused on our waterways.🍺

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See you down there for lagers, live music, seafood – and a great cause!


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