We here at Kinsmen wanted to reach out to not only thank you all, but to give you a few updates on the hops and happenings around the brewery as we inch closer to our Grand Opening.

So, to start off – THANK YOU! It’s folks like you who are helping to make our dreams come true. When you open a craft brewery in a saturated craft brewing market where breweries open almost monthly, you take a risk and rely on two things: the atmosphere, and the beer. Your support, and the support of others has confirmed that we’re on the right track with both. We see the evolution of the brewery and beers on a daily basis – but when you all come in after a week of hard work – and you get to try our new beers, or sit on our new couches – heck, this weekend you get to use our new toilets – we feed off of that. We feed off of your enthusiasm, which translates to continued support.

With that said, there have been some questions as to when your memberships will kick in and what the overall plan is for them. From the start, we’ve planned on getting the memberships activated by the Grand Opening – that is still happening. We’re planning to give each of you a membership card, which will let us know if you have any promotions coming your way, if you used your monthly promotion, etc. When you come in, we’ll scan it and get the download. It will also clue us in to your birthday (so we can celebrate with you). We didn’t collect that initially, but if you could all email us back with your birthdate – we’d like to do something special for you if you come in on that day.

Overall, expect an email before the grand opening to let you all know some of the finer details.

So when is the Grand Opening Celebration?

Right now we’re looking at the two weekends in the middle of June but have yet to decide on which. We want it to be a grand gala that spans from Thursday to Sunday so that everyone gets in on a little of it. We’re aiming to have multiple bands, multiple food trucks, and multiple new beers on tap – along with some classics – just to set the pace for what we expect our brewery experience to blossom into. We plan to upgrade to RED SOLO CUPS by then as well. J

Tell us more about the beers!!!

Bob has been brewing almost every day to make sure we’re filling up those taps. This past week we relaunched 21.3, our original American IPA, as well as introduced a new beer called “Lion Cave” which is a blue-collar take on a Saison/Farmhouse Ale. It’s off the chain and easy drinking – and if last night (Thursday) was any indication of how popular it’ll be – I would recommend you get down here STAT.

For this week, we’re going to introduce three additional, new beers – but we’re not telling you what they are – you’ll just need to come to our first ever BBQ AT THE BREWERY which will happen this Thursday, May 25th and will feature food from The Firehouse Smoker, a new food truck out of Avon, CT who has an INSANELY good brisket – and fixin’s for days. Additionally, we’ll have a local musician on hand to jam – who’s super eclectic, but meets all of your musical needs.

Once we go live with the memberships, expect information like this to hit your inbox before anyone else’s – prompting you to get down to the brewery in a specified time frame to try this out before they can. Also, expect lots of those types of opportunities. We’re a craft beer brewing freight train, and we’re not slowing down.

Anything Else?

There’s so much more we want to tell you guys. It’s really kind of mind-boggling; all of it. We have bands and food trucks reaching out to us where before we had to reach out to everyone. We have new types of beers – meaning we’re not just going to brew IPA’s all year – that require premium ingredients to allow us to provide you the best craft brew experience around. Our taproom staff is being trained to take your experience to the next level – hell, we even have stickers.

It’s all really quite beautiful for us and we hope it’s even more so for you. Again, by taking a chance on Kinsmen Brewing. By joining one of our three membership clubs, you’ve helped us bring it all to life. You have financed minute details and massive pieces of furniture or equipment – hell, you’ve even bought hops and grains. It’s folks like you that not only push us to succeed – but allow us to push ourselves beyond the limits. We have no intentions of slowing down.

Is it too early to say “we love you?”

See you this weekend,

The Kinsmen Brewing Company Team